Interview with Caitlyn



What makes your massage service better than others that are available? 

I never presume to better than a fellow body worker. We are all unique with our own styles and techniques.

I pride myself on having Professionalism, skill and experience.  Not only do I have the necessary education and years of varied bodywork experience, but I put much time and care into my sessions. Not everyone wants a cheap and quick fix to their stress and my clients come to me when they want to treat themselves to something special.

A superior therapeutic touch is the foundation and a crucial part of my sessions which is beautifully enhanced with slow, sensual techniques that not only feel amazing, but will make you feel as though your whole body is being wrapped in nurturing pleasure.  You will have a difficult time deciding if you feel as though you are floating above the table or sinking into it.
Everything from start to finish are put together in a way that is conducive to a pleasant, clean, safe and pleasurable experience.  I NEVER skimp on my efforts to prepare for each session, or the quality of my work. It is important to me to get to know each person as everyone is different but please keep in mind, you are the recipient.

What is the best way to make a appointment?

My appointment form is the best way to contact me. The further in advance of your requested time, the better. I do take same day appointments, but please understand that I may have other plans.

What is your ideal client and do you have age preferences?

I insist on working with mature and respectful gentlemen that prefer a quality experience from a quality woman who operates with caution, care and professionalism. I prefer gentlemen with a “client” mentality vs. a “hobbyist/monger” one– this is simply a turn off for me. I am unique & like it that way.  Gentlemen that seek things like skill, discretion, intelligence, personality & cleanliness will be pleased with me. In saying that, I do not see men under age 32.  I found that these gentleman and I have a better rapport.  I found that these gentleman and I have a better rapport. I have on VERY FEW OCCASIONS seen a client under 35, but it is rare and done on a case by case basis.

What am I paying for?

You are paying for a sensual body rub..  I’m not a prostitute selling sexual services. Once again; I do not offer sex for money. If you are “looking for a good time” may I suggest a restroom wall somewhere? Please do not make an attempt to solicit or negotiate sexual or lewd conduct in exchange for money, I will not respond if you do.

This is not a full service appointment, I DO NOT OFFER FULL SERVICE!

Is it really necessary for me to provide all the information on your appointment request form?

Absolutely or I would not have asked for it. Home phones are not wanted. Requests for screening, include cell and work numbers. Please no direct line work numbers but a central number in which I can be transferred to you or a voice mail. I will be very discreet with your information but please understand that I need it for my safety. Also sexually explicit emails will promptly find their way into my recycle bin.

Are your rates negotiable? and Are your fees all inclusive or are there hidden charges?

No. I work hard and incur regular expenses to provide you with top-notch service. I feel that this is a fair exchange but If you are not comfortable with my rates, simply explore other options.

Why do you suggest a minimum of 90min EXTENDED ESCAPE for new clients?

I recommend the(bolded) 90 min EXTENDED ESCAPE (unbolded)for new clients because this allows us more time to get to know each other during our initial meeting. The reasoning behind this is because I like to take my time, I do not like to worry about the clock, and I hate to feel rushed.  I feel my 90 min EXTENDED ESCAPE excursion is the least amount of time for both parties to get to know each other and feel completely at ease and comfortable.

What are some things that I should include in my initial email to you?

Please provide me with your name; referral source; your phone number(s); best time to reach you; appointment date, time and duration preferences; and a provider reference. Also, tell me a little about yourself and your personal preferences. So I can make the session personalized to your needs and desires .

How much notice do you require to book an appointment?

I don’t take on a large volume of clients each day (2 MAX).  I have other professional and personal obligations so I don’t anxiously wait for calls and emails all day. (Amen to that!)  My regular clients know to book at least a day in advance, and even then, I often cannot accommodate because I am booked or busy with other responsibilities. I do understand that advanced booking is not always an option; so I ask that you contact me as soon as you can. If you need a same day appointment and I will do my very best to make it work.  Same day appointments are usually a challenge to accommodate but they are not impossible; so it never hurts to just ask.

After I arrive, what is expected?

I like you to be on time, freshly showered with a beaming, enthusiastic smile. And I also would like you to understand that taking care of business is first so please have your donation in a ready, counted and I ask that you place it on the dresser as you enter.

How should I prepare for my session?

~ CLEAN and FRESH is SO appealing!  Cleanliness is next to Godliness! PLEASE be FRESHLY SHOWERED BEFORE YOU ARRIVE!  I can not promise you certain activities will occur if you are not!  I would hate to have you be disappointed if I can not  provide certain services based on your state of cleanliness, so the best bet is BE FRESHLY SHOWERED, CLEAN AND SMELLING GREAT!!! If you have chosen the prostate option, please google info on how to properly prepare in advance.

Other hints at ensuring a WONDERFUL experience with me are:

~ Being properly hydrated before and after receiving  is important.  I do include a bottle  Spring Water or S.Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral water to sip during the session.

~ Please have the appropriate rate available, which can be left before your session begins.  I DO NOT like being asked what the rate is during our meeting and hope you are prepared in advance,  as I am for you.

~ Connect with the pleasure that I will bring you – not the outside world.  It is best to turn off or silence cell phones prior to your session.  My efforts are to relax you and get your mind off of daily stresses and responsibilities- hearing your phone will NOT help the process. The sky won’t fall if the world cannot reach you for an hour or so …I PROMISE 😉

Do you like talking during the session?

I may, or a client may engage in small talk in the beginning of the session as a way of easing into things which is fine but I would never talk incessantly as it distracts you from enjoying the magic  & distracts me from working my magic.

It is best to simply relax & enjoy,  or as I like to say, “get out of your head and into your body!”  I do, however,  encourage you to be engaged in the sensual aspects of the session-  feel free to express your pleasure! There is a subtle building of sensual energy from the moment I put my hands on you and it’s encouraging to know that you’re  being taken in by my efforts.  Please don’t confuse this with thinking you have free access to my body…you DON’T.  

Why do you require screening of new clients?

Most quality, legitimate and reliable practitioners have some sort of  screening system in place as it keeps everyone safe. You may not be getting a quality, safe service if you book time with someone who accepts anyone & everyone into their space-  in fact, you may be asking for trouble.  You can take comfort in knowing that I have been very successful in this arena as well as the healing arts industry for a matter of years with my verification policy in place,  and have many long term, high profile clients.

What if I see you outside of our appt?

I offer you privacy and confidentiality and expects the same in return. So please, if you should see me somewhere outside of our date, do not approach me or call out my name. Believe me, it’s not personal. This policy is to guard your privacy as well as my own. And besides, I don’t use my stage name outside the profession.

Do you visit other cities for work?

Unfortunately, with my busy schedule I do not get to travel much.

Turn Offs?

-Asking personal questions!  My finances, relationships, and other personal matters are not of your concern.   I am a private person and wIll not give you specific info if you are inappropriate enough to ask..
-Careless hygiene
-Violation of my standards…which are all made very clear here.
_Trying to get too personal with me.  I will not get involved with clients,  Please don’t call, email or text for personal reasons or casual conversation.