Always amazing! Regular visits!

TNA Username: CaitlynKennedy
Service Type: Body Rub
Gender: Female
Body type: BBW
Accurate Pics?: Exact Match
Phone Number: (971)319-3276
Ethnicity: White
Skin Tone: Pale
Hair color: Black
Hair Length: To shoulder blades
Eyes: Blue
Bust size: Gargantuan
Breasts: Real or Fake?: Natural
Smoker?: No
Date of Meeting: 01/22/2020
This was one of the best visits with C! She was totally focused on me starting with a very nice back rub where regularly her hands would wander a bit and brush across sensitive areas, even leading me to arch up and there were her hands underneath me rubbing and massaging…after a while it was time to turn over and using more than just her hands get a nice rundown on the front side, until I was soooo ready for what came next! Her attention to parts of my body were so amazing! Her touch and her mouth were warm and soft and so sensual. It didn’t take much longer before I was relieved of all of my stress! Every drop, expelled from me and not a drop spilled! Magical! Thanks, C! I will see you soon!