Caitlan, Massage

NA Username: CaitlynKennedy
Service Type: Body Rub
Incall/Outcall: Incall
Gender: Female
Body type: BBW
Accurate Pics?: Close Enough
Name: Caitland
Affiliation: Independent
Age: 43
Height: 5’7″
Ethnicity: White
Skin Tone: Pale
Hair color: Black
Hair Length: Shoulder length
Eyes: Didn’t notice
Bust size: Gargantuan
Bust Appearance: Huge and wonderful
Breasts: Real or Fake?: Real
Tattoos: Didn’t see any
Piercings: Didn’t see any
Feet: Didn’t see them
Smoker?: No
Date of Meeting: 01/18/2017


Re: Caitland, Massage

awee jim I usually have more candles lit, so I will make it a point to light more lights for you hun

You are always a delight!!

Come play soon !

“Quality Is Remembered Long After Price is Forgotten”

Aldo Gucci. 1938

01-25-2017, 12:52 PMrancherejim

Re: Caitland, Massage

Got hold of Caitland the evening before for the a next morning appointment. I was right on time so was she. The playroom was clean but so dark that I can’t ever see anything when I’m there, I like lots of light. I like to see what I’m doing at times like this.

I came in and we talked for a bit. Then I got on the table and she went to work on my back. I have had a long week so it felt really good on my sore body. She worked on my back for quite sometime with lots of licking, fingering and rimming my ass. Then to the other side for a nice long BBBJ/TC/CIM. After I finished I got dressed and we talked for a bit and it was time to go.

The hour slipped by way to fast