Excellent FBSM+++

TNA Username: CaitlynKennedy
Service Type: Body Rub
Incall/Outcall: Incall
Gender: Female
Body type: BBW
Accurate Pics?: Exact Match
Affiliation: Independent
Age: 37
Ethnicity: White
Skin Tone: Pale
Hair color: Black
Bust size: Gargantuan
Breasts: Real or Fake?: Real
Smoker?: No
Date of Meeting: 09/02/2016


Re: Excellent FBSM+++

Kisses and lixx

Thank you darling! I miss you! Get your butt down to Salem! It needs some licking mister!

11-14-2016, 02:38 PMfunpdxguy

Re: Excellent FBSM+++

Don’t know why reviews no longer allow a description of the event, so I am responding to my own post to provide a description of the visit. I have seen Caitlyn a couple times and had posted an earlier review that was up for a while and then disappeared. Anyway, I wish I lived closer to Salem to visit this woman more often. She delivered a very nice light massage (on an actual massage table) with music and soft lighting. During the face down portion I was delighted to feel her tongue on my backside. Amazing! After the flip and a massage of the extremities she asked me to slide to the end so that my cock was at the edge with my legs hanging over. She knelt down and gave me an incredible untranslated French lesson. Superb. She is extremely personable and I had a great time chatting with her during each visit. Looking forward to next time.