Naughty Body Rub!!!!

TNA Username: CaitlynKennedy
Service Type: Body Rub
Incall/Outcall: Incall
Gender: Female
Body type: BBW
Accurate Pics?: Exact Match
Phone Number: (971)319-3276
Affiliation: Independent
Age: 40
Ethnicity: White
Hair color: Red
Eyes: Blue
Bust size: Gargantuan
Bust Appearance: Huge and wonderful
Breasts: Real or Fake?: Real
Tattoos: Didn’t see any
Piercings: Didn’t see any
Feet: Nice and Dainty
Smoker?: No
Date of Meeting: 10/08/2018


Met with Caitlyn and had a fantastic time with her. After the initial chit chat it was time to get down to business. Off came my clothes and let me tell you her tits are huge! She used them to massage my back and front. Such a tease with them. The massage was awesome especially when she tickled my perineum and ass with her wicked little tongue. On the flip she wrapped those big tits around my tool and inhaled it in one fell swoop. Her mouth is like velvet. If rimmin is your thing then you need to schedule some time.