Nice and Peaceful

Second meeting with Caitlyn and I really enjoyed my time. One of the better rubs that I have had. I would say it goes to the number one spot.

I had time open up while I was in the area and I got to thinking “why not.” Glad she took me on a LMA. A couple of PM’s and a text and was rewarded with a meeting. 

A quick shower and to the table it was. She rubbed out some nasty knots that I had while we had a nice conversation. She carries a conversation well and she got me to open up and talk. But she can sense when you are done talking and just rub and tantalize you. A great plus for me is she dosen’t interrupt why you are talking. I didn’t have to lay and wonder “Is she every going to be quite or is she going to babble for the next hour?” I swear some providers can talk both exhaling and inhaling.

The flip was better than ever. She has great skills and know how to use them. Her prostrate massage is top notch too, and the oral part, can’t be beat. 

Go visit her. Be polite, and won’t be sorry.